It just a story..

It took her nine months,carrying the precious gift in her.No one really cared to give her special attention.No one really cared to ease the daily duties for her, because anyway she was a woman.oops! not just a woman, but a strong african woman.What did this change about her,it meansĀ  she had duties to perform and more be submissive to her mzee.
She really never cared what anyone did or what no one did.All she knew was she was about to bring another strong gifted and bouncy baby boy/girl to this world.
she didnt know wether it was a girl or boy because it was in the” wee

times of civilization.a scanner then would have been a blessing.
One day in the mid times of the night,a baby was heard crying in one of the huts.
Jubilation was all over the village,a jubilant young bouncy baby girl had been born.
Her Mother was a proud woman this girl had made her strong.Her African dad was proud more wealth on His side.Her elder sister all smiles she would finally have a playmate and a sister.

Everyone was happy for the new born, but no o e really knew what she would grow to be.
know never knew she would grow to be among the first football referees in country.